Judy Bernstein

Judy Bernstein

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An absence of easy navigation can be demoralizing to the student, especially at the start of the class. It's like having a party and not inviting guests in to the house

I am going to embrace technology because it will aid me and my students as a teacher, even though, personally, I have mixed feelings about the direction technology can take.


I've learned that the more detailed and concrete the learning objectives are articulated, the better. General or conceptual learning objectives should be avoided. 


Articulating the rationale seems important for students but also as a way to focus efforts and streamline teaching for educators. It also allows someone else the ability to support your objectives by contributing whatever they might be able to offer that you don't/ can't.


I like the Pause for Thinking sections. They actually do make me think.


Adult professional education is perhaps distinguished in part by the goal of increased competencies, not just expanded knowledge. Application has to be considered in order to consider the learning successful. 

It's important to establish confidence in students that they can rise to the occasion of the class requirements even though the content likely feels foreign at first

I love the idea of engaging with students 30 minutes before class and greeting them as they arrive. I do that naturally because i'm interested in them. I never realized it was also an effective tactic to easing nerves (theirs and mine)

I'm really compelled by the thought that the most important thing going on in the classroom is learning, not teaching. Reminds me of the notion I learned as a facilitator, you want to be the guide by the side, not the sage on the stage. That feels as student centered as it gets and is an important priority to keep in mind.

I'm looking forward to being much more deliberate about designing formative assessments with the goal being to measure success (teacher and student). 'Tests' have developed a bad reputation in part but really they are constructive checks on learning and teaching and can function as encouraging endorsements as well as supportive course correctors. I plan to 'sneak' enjoyable, content and adult appropriate checks into course design as much as possible.

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