Jose Perez

Jose Perez

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I learned to know myself as an instructor and never think that I am the smartest in the class. Developing a Professional Development plan can help me become a better instructor.


If instructors understand their students personalities traits they can better engage them and achieve better outcomes.


It is imperative for instructors to understand how personalities interact and how knowledge of the true colors can help instructors be intune with students needs. 


I was intrigued on how the true colors described my personality. It was fun to read and see how my family members colors were so spot on. I will definitely use this with my students as a team building and to learn about each other.


Understanding students personalities can help instructors with assignment of groups and how to deal with issues related to personalities. Instructors should understand thier own personalities to ensure that they are able to relate or deal to students.


Critical thinking is an important skill to have, specially in the health sciences. Students need to be engaged and challanged in ways that would spark imagination and inspiration to solve complex problems. Students need to reflect on their learning to ensure critical thinking and learning. 


Active learning can be achieved by proving prompt feedback ensuring students participate in discussion boards and reflect on what the have learned. While some do not like the idea of games in the classroom, there are many resources that can help instructors to reach a consensus on how to ensure everyone participate. 


I believe that instructors and institutions need to be aware of generational, economic and technological barriers. Institutions need to acknowledge their instructors and ensure they have adequate technology to properly provide students with a active fun and engaging learning experience.


Active learning is engaged learning. When students sit listening without any yep of participation or engagement learning can not be fully realized. I personally liked how including the development team and even students in course revisions/development was important to ensure active learning.


It is very important to contNiue doing professional development. Making sure to have a course history and adequate backups.


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