Jill Peters

Jill Peters

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I appreciate the inclusion of Bloom's taxonomy and how it would be relevant/manifest in social networking

I was familiar with the other personality trait models but had never heard of the true colors one. It's intersting to see how it lines up with other models. 

I love personality trait models. I find it so fascinating and on point! I work with students who are transitiong from high school into their first jobs. Having them take personality trait tests helps them (and me) understand what jobs/career path might be a good fit for them and where their strengths, skill sets, and interests lie. 

Ironically, I really enjoyed some of the other online course that I have taken because there is an audio option and I was more engaged when I could listen and read. It is intersting to me that a class about online learning doesn't have that option (or maybe it does and I just can't find it....)

I taught SpEd for 6 years so I am familiar with IEP's, 504's and accommodations, but it is nice to see this information being taught in an easily understandable manner 

I agree, I appreciate the comparison/contrast between TBI and PTSD, it provides a better understanding as to why a student might be engaging in a particular behavior- and that it's a manifestation of a disability rather than a conscious choice


This gives me a much deeper understanding of so many of the students I work with and what they are coming into the classroom with. 

Surveys are a good way to conduct formative assessments 

The more students are seen out in the community doing positive things, the better the interactions they will have with adults who normally see them as “trouble” and it will also increase their chances to get hired at a job

I like the idea that service learning can create empathy 

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