Leny Ramos

Leny Ramos

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For an instructor to motivate students, she or he should be by itself motivated.

Having an OCD in being clean and organized at home and at work , it is a real stress and get burnt out at the end of the day, which also giving me insomia at times. Now I have learned some tips on how to deal with burnout. I believed that the suggested routine of 21 days will work best for me. Thank you

Students should always get engage in group activities and acknowledged their participation to inrease their self-empowerment

I'm really well oriented of new technology but , yes sometimes i asked my students help with the computer which as said, it helps students empowerment in helping others


Always get the students involve in decision- making and instructors need to listen to students in order to increase involvement or engagement while building the foundation for empowerment

Instructors should know what and how to teach, how to deliver the subject matter so yhat students will get motivated, get involved, and then they will learn how to value EDUCATION



> I've learned a lot of styles and strategies on how to set gaols as a clinical instructor in order to implement a productive and motivating workplace for my students

Online Teaching Techniques is very helpful and beneficials to students or individuals who are working or who are parents. They have their own time and at their own pace to deal with schooling. This is also a good way of improving teaching skills and strategies of TEACHERS or PROFESSORS.

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