Location: austin tx

About me

I am a retired teacher (25 years in Special Education). I hold a Master’s Degree in Special Education/Educational Diagnostics. 

Currently I work for The Institute for Addiction Education, a startup Career College in Austin, Texas.

I am widely traveled in the United States and in Chile, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, and Canada.

I am interested in teaching and being part of training viable candidates to learn the skills to become an LCDC Certified Counselor.

Currently this is the focus of IAE. I have been hired to act as the Director of Admissions.


reading, puzzles, games, sewing, painting and "junking", volunteer at food bank, hiking, outdoor photography, furniture restoration, and gardening


flexibility, creativity, act on my own initiative, integrity, lifelong learner, planning and organizing, on the job training instruction, numeracy, confidence, interpersonal sensitivity, verbal and written communication


It is very important to know your own school's curriculum and how the standards for admission are stated. I need to be well versed in the handbook for our school, notably when it comes to the Enrollment Agreement Requirements and Cancellation and Refund Requests. I would imagine that students/participants will have many questions about the value to them, and I need to be ready, wothout making promises of a job, to explain the types of jobs and to have contacts in many arenas for students to get guidance and how to get a job once they have gotten their certificate.

The first section is very clear about compliance ("following the rules") with Texas laws and with TWC. Understanding the expectations and goals of the prospective student is emphasized. Although we are a smaller career college, it is my responsibility to know everything about the school including the application process, the catalog, the means of delivery of course material and the job description of the Director should I need to stand in for that person on occasion

I hope this question is okay to ask.  If anyone has any advice, resources, books, websites that help in the understaning of Admissions Compliance for Texas, please share if you can. Thank you!

The statement in 807.241. appears to be a double negative and is difficult to comprehend when it is stated in that manner. How can we get an unqualifed response?


I too am new at this and have the same question....thank you!


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