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I am interested in continuing my knowledge of online and distance learning. 


Sometimes the best training is on the job training. In my case, I would like to have a more comprehensive understanding of the process involved between administration, teachers, students. For example: how does it all work and what is the best line of defense if the student is not responding to your efforts. One way that I can implement an action plan is to express my interest to the Director of Online Training about my desire to know more about the steps involved in the process and perhaps she can show me the paper trail from enrolling the student to… >>>

Discussion Comment

I think that is interesting and you need to have a good rapport with your students and they need to have an interest in the field. History classes lend well to Jeopardy.

I learned that I have worked with several colleges that have given me a great foundation in online learning. I learned that the term asynchronous refers more to a self directed learner applying themselves throughtout the day rather than having a specific time to attend class and listen to the instructor. 

I learned that I should reach out more to the academic admin and be aware of their role including the role of the advisors in motivating the students. I learned a new term to reach more: creating a wiki for questions, answers and resources. 

I learned that many of… >>>

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