Danielle Norris

Danielle Norris

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Critical thinking and communication are two very important skills for my students to develp oin the classroom. They will help them develop and also be a great things for them to have in the workforce.


Once you have objectives you can use them to form assessments and see if the material is being understood


It is important to form detailed lesson plan, both fo my own records and also for when I am being evaluated


I learned how important it is to plan he course and base the lessons off your students and their current knowledge


I have learned that it is important to set a fair grading system that will give students the ability to get a fair grade. I should also have grades ready quickly and efficiently, as well as have a good grade keeping system and way to show my students their overall grades when asked.


In this module I learned that it is important to be able to be flexible with how the class flows, depending on engagement, and the students ability to understand the material. Class will not always go as planned and I need to be able to adjust on the fly.


In thi smodule I learned the importance of using summaries and effective powerpoints. The powerpoints should be well organized, and clear. Any mediums used to go along with my material should not overshadow my teaching, but add to it.


In this module I learned how to work on my weaknesses so that they become strengths, how to self-assess and its importance.


In this module I learned the importance of using different teaching techniques so that my students have a good chance to learn. I also learned that it is key to be prepared and to practice any demonstrations beforehand, as well as to havethe classroom set up before the students arrive. One thing that I will definitely practice is breaking the lesson into 15 minute blocks


In this module I learned that the first day of class is a good time to set expectations, put everyone at ease, and get to know each other. I will use the first session to learn my students names, and a little about them, as well as introduce myself. The first day will also be used to give a broad overview of the course and set expectations for how class periods will go and how the whole semester will go.


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