Deirdre Eady

Deirdre Eady

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Comment on Kathleen Watts's post: Yes chant or cheers have always been an effective learning strategy.

I learned that there are 8 learning styles and an Instructor needs to incorporate methods to increase the success of the learners in his/her class.

Comment on Marilu Morales's post: Yes each student is unique and has their own learning style I comprehend that now. It isnt a one size fits all approach.

Comment on Kathleen O’Neil-Meyers's post: Yes I learned about different learning styles in college but had a hard time grasping the concept. This lesson gave me more insight.

I learned about the different learning styles and how to keep students engaged by catering to their learning style

An instructor needs to implement different learning styles in thier demonstrations.

Meeting a class for the first time an instructor should introduce and provide information about their expertise in the field.

Comment on Reynie Joseph's post: I agree collaborating with other instructors on class preparation is needful.

What I learned in this course is to be prepared for the class. Objectives, a syllabi, and early preparation is necessary for a successful course.

I have learned to be an effective instructor.One needs to model manage and motivate the students.

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