Deirdre Eady

Deirdre Eady

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I have learned to be an effective instructor.One needs to model manage and motivate the students.

There were many nuggets in this section. I learned the ends and outs of Title IV funding. I also learned about the guidelines for solicitation and how to avoid violating to ensure compliance.

Comment on Denise Guerra's post: Yes, we as humans usually calm down if we felt we are heard.

Comment on Emily N Lewis's post: I appreciated that idea as well students have already contributed much effort in their course the stress to think all if that could go under because of a final exam will detour cheating

I have through this course how to manage my class and certain student behavior. Students have a wide range of personalities in a classroom setting you may encounter a silent, angry, or cheating student. This course has offered suggestions on how to handle any behavorial issues, while maintaining control of the classroom

Comment on Michael Tabo's post:  Yes I agree duting my short span of teaching I have ran across several of these diverse personalities

In this module I learned strategies on how to deal with the difficult or challenging students. There are many different ways students can be challenging whether it is the un-attentive, the blame others, or drop out attitudes. I received great input on how to deal with these groups.

Comment on Lorrie Hill's post: I agree I believe should be made aware of what is expected of them and what to expect from me as an instructor

What I have learned from this course is how to introduce guidelines and expectations the first day of class. Students need to learn to work with diverse groups in order to be successful in their careers. Creating icebreakers through team effort will help students learn to work together

Comment on Nichole Jarnagin's post: I have learned how to keep students engaged through learning activity. I saw how to turn learning into game and team interaction this producing long term  memory retention.

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