Deirdre Eady

Deirdre Eady

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Mindfulness is a technique used to stay present in the moment. How you think about os how it will affect your life.

I have learned how to handle internal and external stress in a healthy emotional way

I learned about the different levels of stress. All stress is not  bad but too much exposure to toxic stress can cause burnout.

Comment on Sandra Byrnes's post: That is a great statement and I found it to be impactful even in my short tenure teaching.

Comment on Kathleen Watts's post: Thank goodness for social media platforms this was you can keep up with former students without be invasive.

I learned how to be impactful to current and future students that the small things count.

Comment on Andrea Winslow's post: I am a kinesthics learner as well I obtained so much knowledge by hands on techniques. Many of my students have stated that they are hands on learners as well.

Comment on Kathleen Watts's post: Yes you can capture an individuals attention and help them learn by accessing what make them tick what they do for fun ie hobbies

You can access a students frame of mind as in the example of how a student learns to crochet. Some will read some will need to hear audible instructions. Some will use trial and error. Other will point out the impact of why they learned to crochet.

Comment on Mukisha Livingston's post: When I was in college mind mapping was used in my English classes. This was very effective in getting my thoughts on paper and completing my essays.

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