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Yes having the technology not work can really throw the who lesson plan off, always checking it ahead of time and having plan A and B is a must. 

ADDIE- Analysis, Desin, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. 


Clear concise feedback in a timely and responsible order is extremely important. 


Because students can work in the online platform at anytime an instructor can easier get pulled into being available 24-7.  So plan a schedule and try to stick to it. 


The workload for a manager is heavy so staying focused, setting priorities and remaining on task i key. 


Learning about Media access Generator - MAGpie- for closed capturing was helpful. 


I learned about different tools that a student could use such as JAW and Speech generator devices. 

Lectures must include closed capture or could be open to a lawsuit for not being accessible to all. 


Adding things in the lecture like check lists and putting important information in bold can help a student with cognitive learning problems. 


When developing a rubric you are looking at content, clarity, usefulness and reliability. 

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