Cozetta Hossain Carter

Cozetta Hossain Carter

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I have learned about students with learning disability and the variety of disorders was a great interest to me. I will be researching more methods of aiding them in their learning journeying.

I am getting more familiar  with technology to both help myself and my learners. 

I have work with learners that have some learning challenges in the past. I invented different ways to help them.

Mostly having a patient affect with a smile allows the to relax and learn.  


I have a grandson with ED with math but very bright in other subject how can I help him?


I will use my Knowledge to enhance my students learning experience.

I will use this to learn more about rubrics and the correct use.

I can see why and how rubrics improve both teaching and learning!


This course will create more information on the correct use of Rubrics to make learning ore focused.


I will increase my knowledge of the EL 201 course to enhance my teaching ability.

This course has been quit enlightening. I will continue pursuing technical knowledge to enhance my teaching abilities.

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