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I agree with you Sarah.  Additionally, I've found a lot of military or prior-military students have done incredible things but brush it off as "normal".


From that point on, I make sure they know that they're capable of accomplishing great things!

This is helpful for those that are engaging in the job search and for those who are looking to further their own career.

This is something I tell all my students and graduates to do for each job application.

I tell them if it's important enough to put on the job description, then it's important enough to include on your resume (and make sure that information gets into the job application itself).


I completely agree with CS102 so far!


I was very impressed with the number of resources available to veterans, and I will make sure to inform my students/grads with these during our interactions.

As for preparing veterans for the job search, I will focus first on what they would bring to a position/company and then identify the aspects that are relatable to their upcoming job search.  By implementing the steps outlined in the training, I feel as though they will have increasingly better outcomes moving forward!

I believe that the STAR Method is one of the biggest skills we can give our students and graduates.

It is used in all industries and is the best way to assess if someone has problem solving ability.  With my students, I first ask them to write out an answer to a few questions and make it something that they can easily talk about during our meeting.  Once we go over the points of their story, I show them how to categorize the different sections based on their own experiences.

Just teaching them what it means, didn't work for me… >>>

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That's a great idea!  I'll make sure to do this with my students as they go through Career Services and review the material that we'll be covering during our meetings!



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