Cecy Aguilar

Cecy Aguilar

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Communication and the establishment of an effective rubric are the key to managinf an online classroom.

I have learned that it is important to validate the needs of the individual generations that online students encompass. Taking their specific learning strnegths and challenges will provide an effective method of online instruction.

Constant management of communication in all facets is of utmost importance in the classroom. Not only must an instructor manage the communication between themselves and students but between students themselves. This allows for the professionalism of an online classroom to be maintained.


I have learned that there are several different methods to interact and communicate with students. I have also learned that the effectiveness of communication must be assessed throughout the course and evaluted and the end of the module.

I think the importannce of preparation, pacing and presentation of engaging student material are all great take-aways from this module. Ensuring that course materials are presented in a way in which students will not only understand, but retain information is of upmost importance. I also found the general attention rule of 10-15 minutes very useful and something that I will take away as a benchmark for my class lectures/demonstrations.

It is important to set the standards of an open, condusive and functional classroom from the very beginning. It only takes a short amount of time to make a first impression, but much longer to change it.

The need for instructor preparation is predominant in this module. Preparation not only includes having required materials ready for the course start, but goes further and includes student interaction and the establishment of a sense of "belonging" in the classroom.

As a leader in the classroom, the "5-C's" were my biggest take away from this module. It is important to follow each (Credible, Candid, Compassionate, Committed and Clear) in order to set the best example for our students.

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