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Bobbet Mullings

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My name is Bobbet Mullings , I am the Administrator for an Allied Health school in  Palm Beach County. Since I have been employed at this instution I have gain a vast amount of expereince that have assisted me over the years.

The online course I did was informative. I have gained extensive knowledge and procedure as it pertains to maintaining good developmental skills, marketing plans and what to do and what not to do in an enrollment process. The training was great.

I would like to take the opportunity of thanking the Director of the institution to which I am associated with of giving me the opportunity to obtain this knowledge.


When preparing a five year plans it involves everyone,.


High School Diploma must be onfile with 30 days of a start,


It is not required to save all files indefinitely. 


When a student re-enters, he or she as to be checked thoroughly before being accepted to return to the institution.


Great module, I have learned procedural fairness, basic fariness, supportive measures I also learned the effects of sexual voilence.

Depressions, Flashbacks and Post tramautic stress disorder.  


FERPA does not apply to students upon graduation and therefore, the institution would be allowed to release the resume to prospective employers without the FERPA documentation requirements. However, an institution may choose to document such sharing to demonstrate efforts to support graduates with career assistance.

Ferpa covers students even after graduation.  Students that are employed should not have access to there grades, they should go through  the proper channel for access.    


  • I learned about the 5 W's
  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Why


No - enforcement can include cease and desist orders, recovery of funds,withholding of future payments, requirement of a compliance agreement, or otherpotential actions, but there is no specific fine associated with FERPA violations.


At the exit meeting the point of contact can make notes that will help during the responsd or submit corrective plans.


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