Bobbet Mullings

Bobbet Mullings

About me

My name is Bobbet Mullings , I am the Administrator for an Allied Health school in  Palm Beach County. Since I have been employed at this instution I have gain a vast amount of expereince that have assisted me over the years.

The online course I did was informative. I have gained extensive knowledge and procedure as it pertains to maintaining good developmental skills, marketing plans and what to do and what not to do in an enrollment process. The training was great.

I would like to take the opportunity of thanking the Director of the institution to which I am associated with of giving me the opportunity to obtain this knowledge.


Board members can be asked to step down if they are not performing there jpb duties.


Advisory Board memeber are volunteers 


Board of Governance as the authority to fire the CEO.


Goals and timelines are essential when setting up a new program


Program research yeilds interdsting data and results

When accessing data there are differnt areas to capture this information to mane the research successful


There are many different areas to consider when implementing a new program.


Budgeting is very vital in business planning.


Pysical Space is importantg for growth


Student Services and C areer Services are very important to the student body.


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