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Elizabeth Rodriguez

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During pandemic, as clinical instructors, we became so creative to replace hands- on experience with simulation with the use of different platforms. It was very encouraging to learn new technology and diffrent platforms to teach students. One of those is navigating Swiftriver simulation lessons.


During pandemic, we tried Swiftriver which is an online platform to simulate real life scenario. Although students feel that it is best hand-on learning we can get during pandemic, students still feel taking care of actual patients, knowing thei diagnoses and medications is irreplaceable. Nursing is about in-person relationship and truly caring sick person  hands on with aplication of skills. 


During pandemic, as instructors we tried to replace in-person / hands on learning by watching videos or how to do specific skills. I think Nursng requires a great portion of learning on actually doing it rather than watching how to do it. What I found out despite of lots of videos/ online training, students require to see , care actual patients  and perform skills. I found out that students are lagging skills when the learning ws just online. Nursing is a very unique profession, it requires interpersonal , hands and face to face learning. 

Customized learning - when students customized… >>>

Instructors need to explore different approaches to develop integrative learning. Students now are very technology driven and using different  platforms, apps and online resources which can help them understand the subject not just depending the teacher. Students can benefit in creative approach in clinical- presenting a problem or patient diagnosis and be creative how to manage specific health problems by using different resources. For example, medication review. Students just don't depend now in drug handbooks but using electronic apps, you tube videos to fully understand  specific problem or medications.


Critical thinking is developing questioning mind in stduents, so that they ask their own questions that will help their own learning. Students do need understanding than the content they were given.  Nursing  students  are trained to develop critical thinking, make quick decisions based on nursing judgment,  professional standards  and previous learning. It is empirical for the Nurses to ahve critical thinking outside the box because we deal with human lives every day. 


It was a challenge  last year on replacing hands-on through virtual learning. Some skills in Nursing requires physical skills or actually mastering the skills physically ( ex. inserting foley. adminsitering GT feeding  , giving medications to actual patients ). Nursing is a combination of nursing theory and mastery of  of skills and how we translate theory into application. 


Student engagement that is customized is more productive in clinical application. As a Clinical instructor,  we customized our instructions depends on the learning needs of the students, level of students and areas they need to practice on. As an  instructor, we determine the student's weaknesses as agroup and indicvidaully , areas of needs and we create activities  or learning oppurtunities to fill in the gap.

I learned various ways of teaching strategies which can help me with teaching my students in clincial areas. I think it all applies direct, indirect, collaborative group effort and independent learning all applies to clinical setting.

 If the instructor is emotionally intelligent, they are able to intepret studnet reactions, perceptions and interests more quickly and therefore able to provide support, additional resources or learning options in order to complete assignments or projects. Thus, EI instructors can create more efficient and effective learning experiences for their students

 As instructor, it is important to continue to challenge our selves for growth and it  help us an instructor to create learning environment within which your students can grow their intelligence and not simply accumulate facts.  As intructors, we should realize that each students  has his/ her own pace and preferences and also his/ her own intelligences.

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