Barbara Anthony

Barbara Anthony

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Setting goals is important. I found the information helpful in organization and prioritizing work

Having tablets in the classroom allows students to work at their own pace

There is some much information provided on the internet. Having the tablet is the classroom will expand the students knowledge and use of the resources available to them

Adult student level of computer knowledge varies

Introducing the tablet  to the classroom is part on the new technical age of education.

It is important to encourage students to utilize time and efforts for competing online courses material  and doing well


Instructors should not assum the students have all the techinology skills needed for the online course. The  needed information  should be available from the start on the course and through out if needed as a reference


It is important for the instructor to develop good techinical skills for online teaching


This is a great course  gpt instructors new to the online classroom. The informatin provided is a good  tool  and very helpful for active open communication with the students.


it is important in the beginnig of the course to introduce to the technology being used to all the students


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