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Barbara Anthony

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Student involvement leads to great  life experience badges

ways to promote student empowerment is to allow students to have multiple ways to learning and work at their own pace.

I learned it is important for the students to feel they have a voice in their learning. They also need to know the have support for help and other resources from the staff and the school.

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This course offer more choices that can help the students learn materials offered in the classroom

Active learning is necessary for adult learners. Instructors should continual be aware of barriers fot effective learning activities. 


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The techniques can be applied by including small groups and interactive actives in the classroom. In the clinical setting making sure the students understand what is expected and how to do task they are asked to do


As an instructor , It is very important to become an active listner and not just to answer question, but hear the students. The non verbal cues are also a great tool for hearing students out.

It is also important to organize and prioritize your work

Time management is important for effective productivity.

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