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By having the intern keep journal entries and writing a paper at the end of the internship allows all involved to see what works or doesn't work as well as to get a perspective of what the intern's thoughts on the company are.  I know of someone who interned at an oil company (paid) and actually ended up going to work for the company.  It was the first time that knew of someone getting paid (and they paid him very well), and he was able to see the day to day workings and get an understanding of what his position… >>>

I believe that internships can be a great stepping stone for students to "get their feet wet" so to speak.  For many students on the younger side they have not been exposed to the working world and this is a good way to show them the ins and outs all the way down to proper dress, starting with teaching them interviewing techniques.

In the medical world the internship is replaced with clinicals, this is the first exposure (for many) to real world medical experience.  Having been a nurse for 22 years I look back on my clinical experience and wish it had been more in depth (more educational).  Even so the internship is a good way for a student to see what their fit is into that field.

I found today to be very informative on the protection of student information.  And the different entities that are designed to have procedures in place to protect personal information.

There are steps that are needed for anyone wanting to access information that they normally would not need to access.  These steps are there to insure individuals privacy.  FERPA is there to govern the proper way to access such information. 

Understanding the (who, what, when, where, & why) for student information release is very important.  It is also important to inform the students as to what information will be included as directory information etc.  We should all have a voice in what of our information is given our and to whom and why.

For me this is basically the same as what we do on a daily basis in the healthcare field, protect PII.  It can be tempting to look at information that you really don't need to (we as humans are nosey) but if it does not apply to us or anything that we are specifically doing then we don't need to access it.

Biggest take away for me is CONSENT - No means No!!  We as a society should understand the days of blaming the victim are gone (or at least should be gone) also that it is not just women that can be the victim men can also be the victim.

Having communication is key, as well as understanding that a person may file a criminal complaint which does not affect the Title IX or VAWA.  It is important that the students and employees know that there are avenues to take and they do not just have to put up with unacceptable behavior.

So basically I have gotten that all employees should or could be considered Responsible Persons.  As I have been a nurse for 22 years I have taken very seriously the role of a reporter (meaning if I know of abuse I must report it), It takes more than one person to create a safe environment for students and employees.

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