Alyssa Appleman

Alyssa Appleman

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Use student feedback and evaluation to enhance your course!


Rubrics are important to the instructor and the student. It is also important to give our students feedback.


Scaffolding requires the patient to use their prior knowledge. It is good to use this in you courses so you can see that your students are putting past knowledge to work.


It's very important to have module consistency so your students know where to locate the information and tools they need.

I learned how to professionally deal with disruptive students. 


Keep discussions active and interesting. Use communication skills that your students will understand.


I learned that it is very important to reach out to each student and get to know one another. 


I learned to familiarize with my institutions CMS. Students are more comfortable with online learning when they know their instructor is knowledgeable of the course information and format.


My role is to ensure that students who need accomodations are directed to the right people to get the help they need.


Accomodations are very important to ensure that each student has the proper tools they need to go through school.


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