Alyssa Weise

Alyssa Weise

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It is important to look at each student past their disability. 

It is required by higher education institutions to accomodate students with disabilities so that they may have to same educational experience as the rest of our students.


I learned to learn from my mistakes.


each student will have a different personality and it's our job to notice this and find the right teaching method to help them learn.


Set firm due dates for assignments and make it clear to students the consequences for not turning in assignments on time.


It's important to use different types of teaching strategies to keep students interested

It is important to learn each student's name to create a more comfortable environment for them. Coming into a class where you feel you are not acknowledged by name can make students feel as if they are not important to the class. It is important that our students feel welcomed.


It is important to understand each students educational needs. Also, let your students know that you are a person just like them, but hold them to a professional standard so they can be successful.


I learned from this module that as an instructor I should lead by example so that my students know what is expected of them. I also learned that it is important to form a proper instructor-student relationship with your students so they get the best experience possible.


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