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Each cohort has different preferences in their learning styles. Our lessons should be planned based on the students in the classrooms and we must consider how they learn.


I learned the differences in how different generations learn. As an instructor it is important to understand these differences in order to adjust our teaching techniques to support the different types of learners.


There are different learning theories that describe adult learners and understanding each one is important for developing an optimal classroom learning environment. Being able to identify the types of learners you have in your classroom can help you identify ways to support their learning styles. It is important to develop lessons that cater to different types of learners.


When advising students we must consider what approach will have a better outcome. Student's personal and life situation might impact how they respond to an advisement. Personally, I will consider approaching each student as an individual and understanding that that there is nor specific recipe that applies to all students.


When speaking with students we need to use full body listening and provide feedback as needed. When a poing is not clear we need to repeat back what we understood to get clarification. I personally will make it a point to slow down when having a conversation with a student to make sure I don't cut them off.

The meaning of customer service in an educational enviroment is different than in a business environment. Our approach to customer service is different in that we are student and outcome focused. From my own perspective, by using this approach, I am looking at each individual student and their specific needs to suppport them with the focus of helping them reach their goal.


When students seem to be having difficulties, we need to consider all the factors that could be affecting theri outcome. They might be dealing with a combination of personal, situational, institutional barriesr or a combination of all. I will try to assess each student and make sure to work with student affairs, financial aid and business office departments to support the student. 


There are many available options for student assessments. It is important to acknowledge and understand any challenges the students and myself as an instructor have when it comes to online assessments. Technology can be a bit frustrating and learning how to overcome the challenges is essential for successful instruction. I will use this knowledge to evaluate each of my student's needs and figure out ways to support them.

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