Annie Tinsley

Annie Tinsley

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Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are helpful tools.


Adult students are more motivated than younger ones due to life experience.


I am pretty much attached to my devices except the weekends. I find that helps with work-related stress. I can do better by prioritizing.


Not anwersing emails immediately frees up time and makes work more productive.


Prioritizing To Do items is important.

As an immediate do person, I will slow down and prioritize.


Debriefly is an effective way of assessing student learning.

I will use it more as part of the class rather than at the end only.


Students may need to take a break and reflect on what is learned during the course time.


The senses are very important in the learning process.

I will experiment with auditory and visual stimulus in class.


A successful learning experience sometimes means letting go.


Students with learning disabilities reached the college level because they have had support in the past and/or found ways to overcome their disability. I will be as supportive as possible without jeapordizing other students progress. I find that most students are supportive as well or do not know that a student may have a disability.


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