Andrew Pace

Andrew Pace

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I like the idea of using peer discussion as a means of leveling out learning styles

It can be daunting to disentangle trauma effects from the normal chaos of growing up, & in both cases, being a calm, positive example & showing what it means to be here caringly seems so important

Engaging with empathy is paramount

It's good to know the scope of responsibility an instructor can have regarding a student who has experienced trauma. 

One that successfully bridges community need with student growth

We definitely haven't employed a yearly calendar in our planning & will start doing so immediately. 

The sooner students are involved in positive community changes, the better the community. So important to infuse youthful perspectives in building what our communities look like

Plenty of pedagogic freedom in the constraints of SMART goals-- so helpful. 

Stackable credentials are hugely motivating for students because they offer reward without the overwhelming specter of a definitive commitment, which can be a relief at the high school age of our students.

We're in the process of integrating some "life skills" courses into our CTE program, so this was helpful in that regard. 

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