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I find support material to be crucial to demonstrations in the arena in which i instruct. It additionally allows students to have a visual reference to their learning.

I prefer to post objectives and refer to them as the lessons progress so students can see the flow of the topic

The lessons should be structured to show how thery tie in to one another, how the topics relate and/or affect one another.

Flexibility is key. Also structure the interrelated topics for not only logical flow, but to illustrate their interrelation, and perhaps to refresh previous topics or prepare for upcoming topics.

Relating my own personal thoughts and emotions to the "customer" aspect of the school enviornment helps me focus on providing the best overall experience for the student. My daughter recently attended school and was worried about what to expect. Additionally, a friend who is very dear to me chose to attend school and sought my advice. I told both of them that school would be a great decision, that they should apply themselves, and that instructors and staff would stand behind them. My daughter enjoyed her experience very much. My friend on the other hand had ONE horribly uncomfortable situation… >>>

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