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Students only need to be reminded once of upcoming assignments.  I give the students the opportunity to ask questions, and then I remind them of what is due for the next class.  I will also remind them to refer to their syllabus for any due dates.  As an instructor, I work very hard on the syllabus, and review it the first day of class. I also stress the value of the syllabus to the student. I have found that most students can answer their own questions regarding due dates by referring to his/her syllabus. 

I agree that everyone has a meaningful part to play in the learning experience. I encourage my students in a  clinical setting to observe and model for other students. We all have out strong points in communication or our professionalism with our fellow clinicians. When we are learning its great to gleen from each other. I learn from my students everyday!


It is essential early on that you invite all students of all generations to find common goals and interests. Celebrate the differences and have them keep an open mind and learn from each other. For example, our older students can contribute life wisdom to younger generations. Our younger students can share knowlege of technology and new insights. If done right, it can be harmonious.

Teaching in the online environment does not allow me to do any type of field trips, but I have invited guest speakers on specific topics to brig a more hands on view on the specific subject taught is used and applied in real life. Many of my students are working on a Bachelor in Culinary Management and their program include classes such as Finance, Economy, Strategy that often do not appeal to many of them. The presence of a professional from their own chosen field attending the chats as a guest and discussing these aspects has always added a postive… >>>

I think assessing their learning styles help. I would use visual, audio and kinesthetic learning teaching the material. Also if allowed I would provided an option to do a project, exam or paper for assignment worth alot. Many students do well research papers but poorly on the exam or the other way around.

To All:

The lesson I was required to partake in was ED109 and it was in reference to Time Managment and writing the Lessons Plans to suit the students.  Understanding before hand the type of learners you have in you classroom I have discovered is vital to the success of the student body Great Job on educating me on the importance of lessons plans and how they play a vital role in the success of my class.


Ms. Ginell Agnew


I've learned in 20+ years of teaching that I can't want it more than the student.  Dragging a student over the finish line is absolutely exausting.

The drier the course the more fun we need to create.  If I find the subject boring then it is my responsibility as an instructor to make it as fun as possible.  Sometimes learning is NOT fun, but try and make it as painless as possible

I agree that first we have to adapt.  Find their passion, which is to learn and succeed, that is everyones common ground.  Build on that, use soft techniques and understand their learning styles, be creative.

Sometimes the circumstances are out of your control area but as already noted here the best hope is thru a caring communicating with the student. letting them know you care and will work with them can save the day.


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