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Yes, engagement with any tools always, support student success

Syed Raza

Feedback and motivation are the two major factor of student success

For online class environment, I have found that the LiveChat is most beneficial for struggling  students. After a few LiveChats, I have seen failing students  to get encouraged and get back on track and pass the class.

I think that it depends on the survey. Regardless of what I have taken, whether it is a face-to-face seminar or education, or a webinar, I will give honest feedback if the survey seems to reflect what took place. 

For example, if I took a webinar, and the questions on the survey pointed out specific aspects of the webinart and how they related to me or what I thought of them, I will give them an honest answer. I view all surveys as a way of getting my thoughts across in an effort to help the creators gear the material… >>>

Do you think student surveys are still valid or even surveys in general?  Do you take the time to fill them correctly or do you give all the same answers?  For me, it depends, if I went to a face to face great seminar or education, then yes I do if they give me time to fill it out.  For webinars, etc, I usually give straight down line, all the same responses.  I think very few people actually take time to fill them out. 

Lori Zander

I like your suggestion on using web cameras to enhance communication. I'm currentl taking online courses.  I'm not aware of this option by way of syllabus or email from instructors. I will have to go back and check thoroughly, I may have overlooked them. Otherwise I will suggest to instructor's web cam conferences. I could really use them at times.


It depends on the number of assignments I may have. I find it easier to only grade a few at a time. You don't want to get overwhelmed. 

Hello Everyone,

I am teaching several courses. Sometimes, things can get a little crazy. Any suggestions on how to balance the two without getting overwhelmed?

Blog Comment

I find that if I try to grade an entire set of student projects at once I feel stressed by the amount of work.  if I parcel it out over several days, grading only a few at a time, it keeps the stress under control and I concentrate better. I generally grade only an hour at a time otherwise I experience fatigue and grade less effectively. 

Does anyone have any tips for grading to avoid feeling overwhelmed?

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