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As the HR Director, the Director of Admissions is having that issue.  They both worked as admissions rep and now one has been promoted to DOA.  She compained that at every meeting the admissions rep speaks out of turn or when she is not going to be at work she sends the text to all of the admissions reps, even through she has been told to sent it only to her manager.  This came to a head and they found themselve in my office.  The admission rep as she does respect her that she feel like the DOA pick on her.  I have a meeting with just the admissions rep to coma her down from crying.  Once I should her I was not her enemy and I here to listen, she calme down and said she is having some personal problem and the DOA knows and should be more understanding.  I told her I wanted to address the concerning that were brough up in the meeting.  Send a text to the whole deparment when it should only go to the manage was a sign of disrespect.  She said she would not to it again and didn[t realize it was a big deal.  

I agree.  Roles within any institution are essential to the overall quality of climate and culture.

Confirm that, an employee understands and accepts a task before delegating it to them. Provide necessary training, coaching, resources and support for delegated tasks. Don't limit delegation to only preferred employees and avoid delegating unpleasant tasks as some form of punishment.  C

Employees can have styles that are analytical, amiable, expressive or drivers. All the styles have strengths and weaknesses.  As a supervisor or manager, it's important to understand how best to manage each employee. 

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