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Length of new hire orientation | New comment by Dr Ramin Soraya

I agree, the lenght of the program and level (AS,BS,Graduate) would definately be a determinant of the lenght of traning.

Advisory Boards | New comment by Suzanne Scales

Good question!  I do have to say that I got some great ideas on recruiting members from the OTC course I'm currently taking - OP110 on Boards.  I've always asked at Chamber events,...

Advisory Boards | New discussion by Joseph Weber

I have difficulty getting board members.  What are good strategies to recruit board members?

5 Year Planning | New comment by Suzanne Scales

Hi Betsy,

ACCSC has a Monograph Series publication on Institutional Assessment and Improvement Planning on thier website here

Hiring the right person | New comment by Matthew Wilson

I would assign each applicant a task to perform as part of the interview process. Generally those that go above and beyond to complete the task with high standards will do the same as an emoloyee..

Instructor's Experience | New comment by Matthew Wilson

I have found that no matter how much experience a massage therapist has or where they have worked, most don't have the book knowledge needed to explain how a muscle contracts in detail. Ask any...

5 Year Planning | New comment by Richard Matley

Hi Betsy,


I don't have a specific example for you, but I can recommend a couple of resources from Kaplan and Norton: The Strategy-Focused Organization and ...

TFC | New blog by Dave Lynnes

I wouold like to have some feedback from any schools that are using TFC as a funding option for students.

Hiring the right faculty | New blog by Luanne Haggard

I will use the worksheet provided to set up the KSAO for the instructor positions I hire.  I will also use the example of the RJP when communicating with potential applicates.

Length of new hire orientation | New comment by J. Ramon Villanueva

In my experience, the length of a program and the skill set and/or minimum acceptable teaching experience in teaching area for new instructors dictate the periods of orientation. For example, for a...