Institutional excellence is a result of exemplary leadership. This group is for those currently serving in leadership roles or those who aspire to lead. Group members engage in self-awareness and self-reflection, and discuss the leadership skills necessary to maximize performance outcomes. Members share best practices, ideas, thoughts, reflections, and resources to help colleagues across the globe. 

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Leadership Impact | New comment by Huisheng Xie

I always believed that the leader could lead the situation as long as he or she is a good and strong leader. Now after taking the course, I have had a better understanding how important each of three...

Great Learning Course | New blog by Rafael Quinonez

Great way to ID the difference in-between Leaders and Managers

Leadership | New blog by Faith Womack

Good information to review and discuss.

A Leader for Change... | New comment by Julie Rich

I agree with Stacy except most of the time we tend to flow with our Managers since they have a proven track record.  I spent 40 years as a hospital CEO with a number of managers that had been...

Leadership | New comment by Angela Argenbright

I agree, Teresa. This course certainly helped me have a different perspective on things. I was always under the impression that everything fell on the leader. However, all pieces of the framework a...

Leadership Impact | New blog by Angela Argenbright

This course was extremely enlightening. I was glad to learn that the responsibility isn't totally on the leader but that all parts of the framework are critical. For results to occur, all pieces are n...

Leadership Impact | New discussion by Angela Argenbright

After taking this course, I've learned how important followers are to the leadership impact. All pieces are necessary to obtain results. I've always been under the impression that it's on the leader; ...

Leadership | New blog by Teresa Hale

Learned a lot, every leader should review this from time to time

Left over behaviors | New discussion by Lisa Bannerman

I find that the greatest challenge with leading is when you have to lead those that were previously mislead. The challenge is that the processes and vision are not new but it is a big "change" for the...

use the tools | New blog by Christopher Mercado

going to use the resources from this training to mold more leaders and improve my skills