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Supervisory skills | New blog by William Hanrahan

This tutorial was very helpful and I found out that I am Driver.

hiring | New discussion by Tammy Brockett

I think this program made some good points and will help me make better decisions in the future when it comes to hiring.  What do you look for in a candidate and why?

A little here and there | New blog by Lucas Fam

I found that I am a bit of 3 types ; Analytical, Amiable, and Driver, but not at all an EXPRESSIVE.  I also tried to identify some co-workers, some were clearly a match.

Supervisory skills | New blog by Stephanie Daniels

This tutorial was very helpful. Ithe will help me to interact better the different styles/characteristic of co-workers and students. We just recently did a similiar  in- service called "True Colo...

When does delegating become part of that person's job description? | New comment by Andrew McCabe

I agree. Delegation is part of any manager's job. It give the manager an opportunity to see which team member has the best potential to advance in the organization and allows a manager to see who can...

Delegating | New blog by cortney garrett

Great tutorial! Proper delegation is important for both the employer and the employee. It helps the business run more efficiently and helps the employee develop new skills. As a manager it is importan...

Great! | New blog by Kari Fuller

This was a very helpful tutorial in teaching me how to manage my own managers!

Excellent | New blog by Richard Najera

Great training!

Grading Skills | New blog by ANITA DAVENPORT

This course helped me to understand that it takes patience to learn and grow with different personality traits with employees

Kitchen/class assignments mimic real life | New blog by Warren Mah

I work as a chef-instructor in a well-known culinary school.  I have been using the techniques/skills discussed in my everyday assignments with my students.  The cooking assignments are shar...