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Retaking this quiz was a great reminder for me

Most important message; consistency and develop templates to assist with term by term development

Very good lesson. I have recommended to colleagues

I agree. Open ended questions as well as group discussion and then elaboration among the classmates.

It brings about a healthy debate, which enhances learning - peers learn best from peers.

I also encourage students to use their electronic devices to prove their points. Getting away from the textbooks sometimes enhances their desire to learn. (we live in an electronic world now)


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Ginell, retention must be on the forefront of everyone’s brain. From admission to grad services.


Upon admission interview- the thought should be on how we can I assist the student to become successful. Not just to enrollment. And of course it moves to the academia side more, as the students’ progress- however, I yet feel admissions should continue to play a role; stopping by to say hello and inquiring on their success… And of course grad services- which should not be a disconnect from the academia world.

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Eboni, I think the sooner the better

Cheryl, admissions are a vital part of retention. I will give an example. If a member creates and illusion that the program is more grand than it really is. Meaning, if they don’t keep with the facts of the program, students will get on the academia side and feel they were lied to and withdraw or go MIA.

misrepresentation was very informative. I had several take aways that will enhance in my career 

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