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I've been an Educator from 2004-to current, have experience on Private Schools, Vocational Colleges On line Courses for Colleges as well of being a Teacher for High School Students Juniors and Seniors for The Santa Ana School District for 8 yrs. I have had the pleasure to be employees for the District and have my Medical Assistant class at The Ritchey Center in Santa Ana having the privledge to teach 18 yrs to 42 yrs of age students for Career Technical Education, as well as being a Substitute for all Career Technical Education Classes from Medical, Sports Medicine , Health Occupations, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Computer Graphics, Merchandising Desidnge, Automotive, and Engineering Classes. My journey first started as a Medical Assistant working in Specialty Medicine for St. Joseph and St. Jude Heritage Clinics and Hospital I started there in 1998, I graduated from Bryman Campus Corhrinthian Colleges in Orange California and also took Phlebotomy at Robertson Medical Consulting classes took place at Western Medical Hospital in the City of Santa Ana. One of my perivious  Employers was Saddel Back Memorial Hospital as a Phlebotomist . My Passion is Hematology Oncology, Home Health, and Hospice. Every day is a learning experience. I enjoy using my experience and Empathy and love that I acquire daily in health care setting to educateducate students. 

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Does anyone know any good web sites for Learning stradegies