Yessica Martinez

Yessica Martinez

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Critical thinking may be easy and hard on students. Explaining or having the students collab together will make them work a little harder and think harder to find answers. Prepare them to the real world

Engagement in the classroom keeps the students to come back to class, because it wont be boring. In my class we do Kahoots and they students love it!

Technology plays a big role into motivating students to learn. It engages to students more, makes them want to be in class,  especially the new generation, they are all about tech. Its a new way of teaching

My take away was active learning can be done in different ways, just not in lectures. Engage students to think, discuss, investigate etc:

I learned new strategies that I can apply to my schedule. And identifying what a burnout looks and feels like.


Very informative on how FERPA protects our students rights!

Procrastination will most likely happen on E-learning enviorments, its very impportant to have a system of communications with students. I also learned ways to address different types of students you will get in the classroom


I learned the difference from Asynchronous and Synchronous and ways to use them in class. Also learned how to keept the class discussion active and engaging


Very important to be relational with students,makes them feel comfortable and have a open and positive learning enviorment 


The structure of learning online is based on the knowledge an instructor has, makes it easier and comfortabe for students if the instructor knows its way around the course

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