Yvonne Jimenez

Yvonne Jimenez

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There is an aspect that we need to keep in mind as we perform specific lab and safety and is that "An instructor must be very aware of his or her responsibilities as an instructor as well as legal responsibilities." It is my practice to every term perform an activity about safety such as recapping needles for example. Students get involve and activities and sometime do not consider the danger in lab activities. 

Common mistakes.

"A strategy for avoiding repeating some of the above mistakes is to make notes about how a lecture, demonstration, or activity worked for you." This is an strategy that I always implement in my class and it does help me.

Minute papers are excellent alternative to review discussed material for that day and also great for inattentive students. For sure I am implementing this activity in future classes. 


The syllabus is the most important handout given during the first class meeting. Students become motivated when they personalize the course content to their career goals. 

It is important to know your students immediately. Know their names is a reflection of respect.

I do understand and agree that “I want to know what my students have learned during my class and now what did they learned the night before as they were preparing for my class.”

The topics in this presentation are a review of the content learned while preparing for my post-graduate education.

Instructors must have 3 roles: model, manager, and motivator. We must be professional and follow these roles in order to be excellent educators. Educators must be competent in 3 areas as well: technical, professional, personal competent. It is important to have an instructional style and have a professional development plan.

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