Yirsa Jimenez

Yirsa Jimenez

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Sometimes a well-planned break is more productive than working long hours.

The importance of the language you use in your work

The Stop, Start, Continue technique. Give value to the opinion of the students

Think for the students. They need actionable information to reduce uncertainty and keep pace

In the liquid society, sometimes you don't know how to distinguish between work and life. Now with working from home, it seems more difficult to set limits. Plan and limits

I felt guilty when I "locked in" at work and didn't answer the phone. Now I know that it is a management tool. It is also important that your team also learn to organize their time

I think that the evaluations of processes, contents, structures and visual design of the online course allow us to reaffirm what is good and improve for the next edition. Important!!!! Insist on the use of correct and constructive language.

Self-assessment, before the final delivery of an assessment activity, seems like a very good tool for the student to continue learning. In addition, it is a tool that will help them grow as student and as person. When the group can responsibly self-assess, then I will take the next step: peer assessment

A dynamic study plan is important, but at the same time with a solid structure. It's a live plan. Creating and promoting the online learning community through the mix of virtual tools and channels, I think it is essential. I plan to apply giving credit or recognition in the evaluation for effective participation.

The most important is to create a good base framework for the course, which meets 3 requirements: content, evaluation, sequence and design, in relation to the diversity of students and learning objectives. I feel calmer knowing that "take your time" to develop the base model, which I will be able to repeat later, "it's not a waste of time", it's a gain!!!

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