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This was very positive reinforcement on important skills employees need in any workforce.

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I like the idea of the 3x5 cards. I use to ask students to name ' 3+ topics' they learned during the evening. I told them this was a graded assignments. If i didn't give them this warning, they would not comlete the assignment. Best wishes, Ms. king

I had guest speakers last term and it was just perfect. I teach a Small Bs Mngmnt / Entrepreneurship. One students was into jewelry design; the other label recording. The speakers offered specifics and overall information for the students. The students had to 'meet & great' their perspective speakers and then follow-up with thank-you notes. This term we will visit the SBA. This is housed at Cols St University and will be a great learning experience as well. SBA provides packages for entrepreneurs, mentoring, seminars, and etc. I also feel visiting the university will have a positive impact on this… >>>

The 'debriefing' information is perfect for our quarterly project. As an addition to the graded activity, I may provide bonus points for individual debriefing. On a personal survey, I can ask the student... What do they feel they did well with on the verbal portion of the presentation. What do they feel they can improve on the verbal portion of the presentation. The same questions will also relate to the written portion of their presentation. I am open to your suggestions on other questions I can implement.
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I loved the music section. I have used easy listening jazz in my classes. I never reviewed any literature re: the variance and use of music. I like the enter/exit the room music and music during testing. I will try to incorporate this more. I also appreciated the color information. In the past attended a seminar re: the use of colored paper and feel this is very interesting. Especially for students who cannot focus as easily on white paper. Best wishes, Ms. King

I am very interested in organization's social responsibility to their community and even world-wide. Even tho this is not a federal/state topic, even institution of higher education should be involved in the community and be a voice. PIE are one area schools are participating. Big Brother, Big Sister, Ronald McDonald House, Food Kitchens, etc. What are some areas your schools are participating to make a difference in your communities? I am just wondering. I like to see faculty, staff and students working together in these areas. It is really a nice way to learn more about each other and the… >>>

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