wendy tyson

wendy tyson

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i have to be able to keep students engaged.


Soft skills are important on the job


I learned that autonomy is the student's belief about the amount of control they have over the learning process.


Students like a variety in deliver to help keep them focused.


It's important to introduce myself to the students.

I learned that on the first day it's important to introduce myself to the class, let the students introduce themselves and try to remember their names.


I have learned that the syllabus is a written explanation of course procedures.  I need to help students understand syllabus.


I learned the 3 roles of a teacher = 1. model, 2. manager, 3. motivator.  I need to model an appropriate behavior in front of the students.


Intrinsic student needs is where the student wants to suceed and do well.


I need to know my students. Don't humilate them.  I must be aware of my style and how it may intimdate someone.  I have to create an environment where someone can take risks.

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