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This course served as a great refresher to conducting an effective meeting. I will implement a better follow up plan to keep all folks informed of the meeting content. Sometimes I feel as though people get exciting during the meeting and then all progress is lost once the meeting is over. Thanks.

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I feel that I do a really good job maintaining a positive attitude. However, when a student disrupts the classroom I may show some signs of being agitated and at times have trouble focusing for the remainder of the class.  I realize know that I can do a better job of controlling that emotion. Thank you.


Aside from the open and closed questions, I would also recommend that my new instructor utilize "planted" questions.  The instructor thinks of several open and closed ended questions prior to the start of class and secretly distributes these to a few students. When the instructor gives a verbal or visual cue, the student will then ask the question you have given them. This usually relates to your key objectives and helps wrap up that objective. It is also a technique to help keep students engaged and actively listening to the instructor. 

I found the material very useful. I definitely can do a better job with utilizing the "I" strategy when dealing with disruptive students. As a Program Director, I usually am quite forward when dealing with classroom management.

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