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Course Delivery | Origin: EL102 | New comment by Teresa Thompson

Sharing knowledge is easy for most instructors but instructin on-line can be a challenge.  I think it is important as an instructor that we prepare ourselves in the forum in which we will use...

Presentation Preparedness | New blog by Teresa Thompson

I agree with the training in that it is important to be confident in the subject that you are presenting to minimize anxiety.

Comunicating skills | New comment by Teresa Thompson

The well prepared you are the better your presentation will be.  It is very important to have your thoughts together to ensure a smooth transition in the class.

Student motivation around the holidays | New comment by Teresa Thompson

Absolutely. I make a point to engage the students on a personal level by asking by interests outside the classroom.

Course Content delivery | New comment by Teresa Thompson

Instructors should consider using various delivery models to get the information to the students by accommodating all learning style. Using a mixture of deliveries will keep the students engaged and...

First Day | New comment by Teresa Thompson

The first day is one of the most important days if not the most important days of the class. It is important to have an agenda or plan for the first day. You must have the requirements for...

Planning and preparation | New comment by Teresa Thompson

Planning and preparing are key to a successful start for the instructor as welll as for the student. Students will make a decision if they will follow you or not dependent on how you present...

Instructor as a role model | New comment by Teresa Thompson

Having the opportunity to be a role model is valuable. You are nurturing someone who may be undecided on the path to take. Role modeling takes place when you first meet the students and continues...