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Tyler Mead

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Constructive critisism is sometimes hard to take. I learned that by taking a second to process and then paraphrasing to make sure I understand the critisism is much better to do so everyone is on the same page. 

Sometimes I feel my mind wanders more, if I do not activly listen, If I wait to gather my thoughts my thoughts ultimatly are more coherent and reactions are better. If I activly listen ask for a moment or two to gather my thoughts and then go into my side of the conversation things work out better for me. I have to be more patient and ask for more patients in return. 

Don't continue to collect negative performance issues and then unload them, Take the issues on asap so you dont dwell and they are fresh on your mind. 

Never stop learning!!! Try to keep up with the field as it continues to advance. STAY HUMBLE!!!! Someone is always going to know more about what you are teaching than you, Stay humble and continue learning and growing.

The only stressful thing about this training was the stress quiz, man talk about a stressor. I was trying to be honest, it was just... well stressful.

I knew about the 3 types of learning styles, but i never realized that they would also be used like this in a managment way. Makes me realize the way policies were conveyed in former jobs werent nessasarely the correct way to go about policy changes. 

I never realized how by breaking the proverbial "ice" with a group at the start of a presentation would grab attention like that, but looking back on all the good presentations that i have had I understand that that is how most of the great presentations ive sat through started. I really think finding some relative material to make a joke with to grab attention is a great way to start a presentation and personally I need to come up with a few. 

I didnt realize, that personal goals needed to be as specific as they had listed them. I persononally need to be better at setting more specific goals. I also need to be better at leading by example. 

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