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One of the challenges of teaching adult learners of different age groups is the diversity and degree of thier motivation to learn. As pointed out in this course most of your younger learners even though they are young adults tend to have that high school mentality. where as the older adults can see the benifits of learning new task. Without being to much of a displenarian an instructor has to find some way to motivate all of his class regardless of age or attitude. One way I do this is by telling them the different methods that I do not… >>>

Starting your class room on the first day I have found that after introducing myself that I emediately let my class know that while we are here to learn that no one is allowed to disrupt the education of another student. On that note I encourage students sitting at the back of the class to move toward the front on the excuse that they may hear me better and if they need to ask a question that I may hear them better. Then I stop the class until they comply with that wish. After they have moved forward I then… >>>

Moving about the classroom and including each student from time to time engages the student and requires them to partisipate and communicate with the instructor and each other. Asking them if they have had a similar expierience and sharing it with the class keeps them engaged and interested.
One thing that I really find usefull is to tell stories of past evpierience that pertain to the subject and and analogies that can be related to the subject we are covering that particular day. When I'm finished I always ask can you see how this pertains to what we are discussing? Use gestures also make this interesting and maybe even amusing which helps in thier memorization.
Each and every morning as I walkk in the door to our institution, I pause, take a breath, then walk into the building with the intention to greet whoever I meet with a positive attitude. And with that greeting, also remind myself to continue this attitude all day. Leave your problems and negative attitude outside the door.

Each and every morning as I walk in the door to our institution I pause, take a breath, then walk into the building with the intention to greet whomever I meet with a positive attitude and greeting and also remind myself that I will continue this attitude all day. Leave your personal problems at the outside of the door or do not enter, is what I tell myself. Our students pay a lot of money to come here and they deserve our help as well as a positive attitude each and every day. I want my students to speak to… >>>

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I have used pretesting for quite some time and I have used this method for two different reasons. First, it can be used to show the students what they can learn and achieve from this course, and secondly it is used by myself to guage thier competency level. This allows me to adjust my level of input to thier needs and understanding. Lastly, on the last day of class I like to return thier pretest to them so that now they may visualize what they accomplished in my course.

At our institution it becomes generally known that on the first day of each new rotation, the rules of our school will be reviewed. This sets up an attitude that they can miss this day and not miss any of the corriculum. This bores the heck out of the students after they have heard it several times. Now when it comes to my class it has become known that I spend minimal time on this rule procedure and launch into the subject to be learned very rapidly. Thus they do not have this time to become bored. Also on day… >>>

One method that I like to use and turns out to be very successful, is that I set the tone the first two days of clas that no student is allowed to interfere or inhibit any other students ability to learn. I also challenge the older or more mature students to take control of thier class and not let the younger students keep them from getting thier moneies worth.

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