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I do believe all schools should disclose all financial and loan repayment counseling. I love igrad for that reason alone.
I am curious to know how the DNC list stop unwanted call and aggressive sales tactics. I have worked with some proprietary school and some feel that they are predatory schools, how much does the DNC list grow from this?
I have reviewed the schools policy on cell phone use and it reinforces the rules we use in the classroom. Students continue with the behavior.
What are some of your thoughts in regards to students answering, texting or just continually looking at their cell phones during class. My first thought was maybe my lectures were boring and after a few discussions, it revealed it wasnt boredom. Students stated various reaons such as looking at the time, or was expecting a call.
I am currently managing 15 team members and majority of the team are over 50 I am in my last 20's. I have been getting the worse treatment and seperation from this team. I dont know if it is because of the age, or is it something deeper. I have never been a "click" person.
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How do I begin to network with others to build bsiness relationsips when it seem that everyone in the medical field are burnt out and no longer enjoying their career choices?

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