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Your Leadership Legacy | Origin: LS104 | New comment by Toni Chamberlain

We should consider our leadership legacy a work in progress so that we leave the field of education enriched and more developed due to our contributions. 

Your Leadership Impact | Origin: LS103 | New comment by Toni Chamberlain

The leadership scenario would have made more impact if it had not cast the male in the dominant role as principal and the three females as his followers. True leadership is not determined by gender.

How Do You Lead? |Origin: LS102 | New comment by Toni Chamberlain

I saw many examples of poor leadership that I have experienced in my career. We can learn from what we believe to be poor leadership and we can become so much better than what we have experienced.

Do You Manage Or Lead? | Origin: LS101 | New comment by Toni Chamberlain

I learned that I am both a manager and a leader. I need to remind other faculty of our shared vision and shared goals.