Tambra Moser

Tambra Moser

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Creative assessment techniques aid in measuring a variety in student achivement.

Rubrics are my very best friends.

The syllabus in online courses is an underrated and underused tool.

I will use a universal online ID model as a template for my online classes.

I feel motivated to create my own interactive labs for my students.

I teach computer science, and you can't replicate the feeling of attaching/removing a SATA cable in your hand in a virtual environment.

We live in a 24/7 world. Education needs to keep pace with student expectations.

This model is a better fit for people like me who do their best work when everyone else is asleep.

It is more difficult and time consuming to individualize and customize instructor-student interaction in the asynchronous environment.

I'm surprised the new best practice for only synchronous discussion should be limited to one student at a time. Interesting.

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