Stephen Rogan

Stephen Rogan

Location: bethpage ny

About me

Hello all:

I am a professional from the fast food industry. I have trained thousands of managers, DMs, Franchisees and Owners for the companies that have emplyed me. I have been teaching in the collegiate environment for 2.5 years and have found the experinece to be eye opening, challenging and rewarding.

As a college student, I did not have computers, Ipads, etc. The distractions of technology did not exist. I have found the managment of students attention to be a challenge.

My experience allows me to draw up in real life examples to support and bring to life concepts that are in the courses I teach. MOst of my students find my experiences to be intersting and helpful for them to understandthe subject matter.


sports, music, new business opportunities, teaching, running


public speaking, leadership, class design, franchising, restaurant operations, communication


I love the iput from others

Thank you for your insight

I have had classes with 2 students. In these classes I ask the students to complete work on case studies or complete a small project ( like watching a video and answering questions). I then have each of the students present their answers to me and the other student. I try to get the students more actively involved in the actaul teaching of subject matter, whjile at the same time learning the objectives.

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