Stanley Swindling

Stanley Swindling

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This module stressed the importance in constantly engaging with both employers and prospective job candidates. Maintaining a professional relationship requires check-ins, valuable offers, and genuine communication.

I learned that, when sending potential employees for job opportunities, one should tailor to each student's strengths, rather than blasting out a number of candidates who may or may not qualify for the position.

This module stressed the importance of not approaching every employer with the same, rigid script. In order to address different needs for different references, one needs to engage in a dialogue.

I appreciated this module covering the necessity of having a vast knowledge about your institution and industry before diving in with potential employers you intend to partner with. I also agree it's valuable to enter with a positive mindset.

I have now considered the different options at my disposal when attempting to nurture a coach-student relationship electronically. I will apply the ARCS system in correspondences to ensure engagement.

I've learned that modeling positive behaviors and applying affirmations are actions which can uplift a student struggling with motivation, for example. I will work on remaining supportive and co-constructing solutions when assisting a student on a job search.

I've learned that a nonjudgmental and active listening style will encourage rather than discourage students. In the future, I will apply useful frameworks like OPUS and GROW to assist in coaching.

I've learned about the value in curiosity and support when coaching students. Moving forward, I will focus on maintaining empathy and understanding in the assessment of a student's goals and actions in pursuit of a job.

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