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Lisa Stange

Location: clive, iowa

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Experienced Educational Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in state government, University teacher education and local school districts. 

Lisa spent over 30 years in education and the career and technical education field and was a National Board Certified Educator in Career & Technical Education/Early Adolescence – Young Adulthood 2007-2017.   Her experiences include secondary and middle schools teaching FCS courses that include ProStart, school-to-work, health,  math, and science.  She spent 5 years at the university level coordinating and teaching Family & Consumer Sciences Education and Studies (FCEDS) majors at Iowa State University and finished her working career at the Iowa Department of Education as a CTE consultant and FCS specialist.   In addition to State board membership in FCCLA and IAFCS, she has been heavily involved in CTE at the local (IFCSE), state (IACTE) and regional (ACTE) level and is a graduate of the first ACTE leadership training program.  Her leadership activities include Vice President for Region III for the National ACTE (Association for Career and Technical Education) Board (2019 -2022), ACTE Board Finance Chair, and President of NASAFACS (National Association for State Administrators of Family & Consumer Sciences) 2019/20.  Her strong presence in professional associations that involve FCS in the state and nation led to her work on the State Career and Technical Education Task Force.  Her awards include ProStart Educator Excellence awards for Iowa in 2008 and 2011, Iowa Family & Consumer Sciences Educator of the Year in 2011, Iowa ACTE Career & Technical Educator of the Year in 2012, ACTE's Region III Award of Merit in 2013.  She received the 2015 Post-secondary Educator of the year from Iowa ACTE, 2020 Lifetime Achievement awards from Iowa Family & Consumer Sciences Educators  (IFCSE), Iowa ACTE (2021), ACTE's Region III (2022), National ACTE Lifetime Achievement Award (2023)   She is currently serving as the coordinator for an ACTE Opportunity grant Symposium for advancing preservice or alternatively certified Career & Technical Educators.


cte teacher recruitment and retention, cte, work-based learning, policy and advocacy, family & consumer sciences


This course would be a great one for those new to Perkins as well as those who manage Perkins funding from the state or local level.  I also think anyone who utiilizes Perkins dollars for their programs would, upon completion, be able to have a better understanding about what is allowable.  It can also help in understanding the state role and reasons for guidance and oversight.  Sometimes at the classroom or district level, we feel that local control should be the rule, but with federal dollars, there is a reaon why the state has to ask for certain rules to… >>>

It is not only important for the educators to understand, but also for those who administer the grant dollars locally to understand the rules and procedures so that the maximum benefits can be gotten from the funding.  When I was at the state level, I often had to explain over and over to local administrators that some PD opportunities that happen in the summer ARE eligible and can be obligated for their grant.  Some LEAs would only allow PD during the school year and often, those PD opportunities were not as specific to the CTE area that the eduators needed… >>>

Ensures that the dollars spent are consistent with the grant purposes for CTE.  


The rules support the reason for the Perkins Grant existence.  It is to supplement the education funding for CTE programs, which are usually more costly than other education programs.


I was not surprised as I have worked with Perkins at both the LEA and State level.  I think the hard part is for the LEAs to understand the role of the state in the guidance and regulatory pieces in awarding dollars, and even though they are federal dollars, the state is required to follow the regulations that come with the money or else all of the state money awarded through the grant is in jeopardy.

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