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Placement and job opportunities are two different things, to my way of thinking - Job opportunities are what may be available to entry level participants coming out of a trade school environment, whereas - placement is something a trade school cannot do?. a trade school can only advise the students where work opportunity is -locally and/or out of the area. in some situations the trade school may be able to make contact with a perspective employer and make an introduction. they cannot place IE: hire the student and expect the employer to accept him/her. the students must pass the interview… >>>

I really like the concept of getting underclass students involved in upcoming graduation activities, this to me is the carrot in front of the donkey aspect of things, it can and is very motivational, and plants the seed of success to all involved, great concept.
Interesting concept: I personally believe that mentoring is only necessary where students are not doing well on their own and require additional assistance, the instructor is in a position to recognize this situation developing and has an obligation to discretely meet with the student's and discuss "what's going on here"?-so to speak. is there something extra curriculer that's bothering the student that may be affecting their performance?. and what can the instructor do to assist in correcting the problem and/or would the student make time and be interested mentoring to correct the situation?.

upbringing , and maturity level as well as previous real world work experience has a great deal to do with successful retention of a student's core commonalities,(traits) irregardless of the chosen field of service for which they are being trained to pursue. obviously they are there for a reason, possibly - to improve their life,make a better living. succeed at a higher level- whatever. many young folks in today's world are generally not used to being held accountable for their own actions. consequently present-ability, work ethic-such as being on time for work or school, reliability in a general sense, how… >>>

this particular sector having to do with want to have to has opened my thought process considerably in that or by realizing that we do not have to do anything as long as we are willing to accept the consequences, but more than that, it gives the instructor an important tool to use with the students by showing them a way to change there outlook (para-dyne)into how they might perceive a particular situation from a negative outlook to a more positive outlook and by doing this start to enjoy the subject matter and become more positively involved in the training.… >>>

I like the concept that students remember most at the beginning of a session, and at the end of the session, and only seem to be interested in humor about the subject matter in the middle of a session. as a result of this knowledge I have implemented a change in my normal routine. I am still experimenting with this adjustment in routine. I do like the repleteness of touching on key comments in a lecture, this seems to work very well for my students, judging from results on quiz questions presented during follow up at the end of the… >>>

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H- habits can be changed only if the individual make the effort to do so, this is also true with attitudes, note: attitudes are catching- meaning that a class and / or an individual can be truly influenced by a good attitude- IE: a desire to emulate and succeed out of respect for the instructor and/ or other students. whereas they can also be influenced negatively by a bad attitude, IE: disrespect, too cavalier about important subject matter. then comes the Belief factor, IE: believe in yourself, do not become discouraged, avoid stress or frustration, stay focused. don't loose sight… >>>

I like the idea of this course and how it seems to be laid out, especially recognizing how caring for the student's interests, personally as well as professionally come into play. accountability seems to be the key to keeping the student totally involved and wanting to succeed in the program. of course these are just my preliminary thoughts, I am looking forward to getting more into the course before I can comment further.
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Having gone through this course several times, I think/hope I have finally got the idea.. some of the quiz questions completely lost me in that It has taken me an inordinate amount of time to realize the difference between closed, open and procedural questions,. However at this point I feel The content within the course may be helpful during my lectures, I did enjoy the quizzes and I particularly like the Highlights section of the course, it seemed to me to clarify much of the course content
after going through this curriculum multiple times, I finally feel that I at least understand the concepts relating to Instructor styles, IE: plan for success, make a good 1st impression, be proactive, encourage proper behavior,school wide discipline and classroom discipline. looking forward to testing these theories.

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